Sample Injectors



      1. HPLC AutoSamplers                               





From built-in sample preparation capabilities to an integrated column oven, Varian HPLC AutoSamplers offer great performance and value.  

High-resolution syringe design for maximum reproducibility
Extensive variety of sample tray and vial types for full flexibility
Cooling and biocompatible options available
Easy-access needle, injector valve, and syringe for quick maintena




Application Type     

















Easy Operation
Varian sample-handling devices have simple, intuitive control interfaces, and can be controlled
          from the module’s keypad or from a Data System, greatly improving ease-of-use and program
          ming capabilities.

        Easy Maintenance
Special attention is given to achieving high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and providing
          timely instrument service when needed. Varian HPLC AutoSamplers monitor syringe and inject
          ion valve operation and alert you before injection performance degrades or fails.






    2. 400 AutoSampler                                     



The 400 is an economical, high-capacity autosampler specifically for automated, routine LC requirements in pharmaceutical, basic chemical, and environmental applications. Like more expensive autosamplers, it boasts a small footprint, high throughput, and rugged design—-all at a surprisingly low price.



96-sample capacity makes the 400 very efficient for high throughput, HPLC quality control           procedures.
Unique finger valves economize the volume of sample required for precise loop fill injections.
A single key stroke makes it easy to start routine automated runs.
Automatic calculation of the total and remaining run times improves laboratory efficiency.
Four removable racks allow sample preparation while the unit is running.
A standard electrically actuated Valco valve with easy access allows quick servicing.
Separate wash vials assure minimal carryover for the best results.
Optional 5 mL vials allow injection of larger sample volumes.
An optional cooling accessory is available for critical temperature sensitive applications.





    3. 410 HPLC AutoSampler                               




With variable injection volumes and automixing/autodiluting, the ProStar 410 is perfect for laboratories with changing needs. It provides flexible operation without sacrificing reliability or performance.




Multiple injection modes offer flexibility, ease of use, and precision. Choose from:
Full loop fill — overfills the sample loop for maximum precision.
Partial loop fill — allows you to easily program variable injection volumes.
Microliter pickup —withdraws the exact amount to be injected without sample loss.
Sample trays are available in three configurations: 96 standard 2-mL vials; 84 standard 2-mL
         vials plus three 10-mL vials used for mix solvents; or 24 10-mL vials for large injection volumes.
         These trays can be interchanged in under a minute.
Internal standard addition, sample dilution, or derivatization steps are easily programmed to
         reduce sample preparation time and errors associated with manual procedures.





    4. 430 AutoSampler                                     




The 430 AutoSampler is Varian's most versatile HPLC injection system. Compatible with all types of 96- or 384-well plate formats as well as standard HPLC vials, the 430 is ideal for any of today’s demanding HPLC applications.




 Accommodates variable well plate sample trays -- While the 430 handles a wide variety of well
        plates, it also holds conventional 2-ml HPLC vials. With a touch of a button, quickly select from
        96-deep-well plates, standard 96-well plates, 384-well plates, PCR tubes, or 48 standard vials.
 Ideal for high throughput LC and LC-MS -- fast cycle times allow analysis of more than 1,500sam
        ples a day.
 Metal-free sample path for sensitive samples -- A completely biocompatible PEEK injection valve
        and sample needle are available.
 For precise sampling, the vial is slightly pressurized by an internal compressor while the syringe
        drive mechanism accurately draws the desired volume into the valve's loop. Without sample loss,
        the microliter pick-up technique positions the sample plug into the center of the loop.

      Precise, reliable injections -- The 430 AutoSampler’s breakthrough loop injection technique with
        Pressure Assisted Sampling (PAS) combines precision with simplicity in a highly reliable design.
        PAS eliminates air bubble problems and sample contamination because it doesn’t use a needle
        port that can easily wear out. The 430 AutoSampler’s high-resolution syringe drive partitions
        syringe movement into 0.004-µl steps and achieves incredible injection precision at 1 µl or less.

 Choose from three injection modes -- 1. Full loop injection mode: when there is excess sample,
        the 430 overfills the installed injection loop for the best reproducibility (RSD < 0.3%). 2. Partial         loop-fill injection mode: programmable injections from 1 µ l to 60% of loop volume offer precision
        (RSD < 0.5%) and minimize sample loss. 3. Microliter pickup injection mode: the exact injection         volume is sampled. Then, a wash solvent positions the sample into the loop. There is no sample         loss and reproducibility is better than 1.0% RSD.








5. Injection valve                                                       




Switching Valve A
   35MPa(5000psi)까지의 압력에서 이동상의 flow 중단 없이(pump의
   정지 없이) 컬럼 switching으로 유압경로를 변경합니다. 연결 형식에
   따라서 최대 6개의 inlet과 한 개의 outlet switching으로, 또는 최대 6
   outlet과 한 개의 inlet switching으로 사용됩니다. 표준 accessory로는
   10-32 thread stainless steel nut와 1/16“ stainless steel ferrule이 있습








Preparative Injection Valve B
   일반적으로 preparative chromatography에서 많은 양의sample(injection
   loop를 이용하여 밀리미터 까지)을 이동상에 연속적으로 주입하는데
   사용됩니다. 최대 압력은 35MPa(5000 psi)입니다.
   valve B에 대한 injection system과 sample loop는 옵션사항입니다.    valve B는 3 x 2 switching valve로도 사용이 가능합니다.
   표준 accessory로는 10-32 thread stainless steel nut와 1/6“ stainless
   steel ferrule이 있습니다.








Analytical Injetion Loop Valve D
   35MPa(5000 psi)까지의 압력에서 HPLC application에 사용됩니다.
   loop는 Hamilton사의 HPLC용 needle이나 accessory로 제공된 LUER
   syringe를 이용하여 충전되어야 합니다. injection valve D는 valve가
   INJECT 위치로 바뀌었을 때 chromatography station과 프로그램이
   가능한 장비를 동시에 시작하는 스위치기능을 가지고 있습니다.
   accessory로는 배수용 capillary, 10-32 thread stainless steel nut, 1/16"
   stainless steel ferrule, LUER hub needle, 그리고 connector가 달린
   switch 케이블입니다. sample loop는 옵션품목입니다.  








Injection System for Valve B(set)
   ECOM valve B를 조립하는데 사용합니다. LUER syringe용 injection
   system을 포함합니다.









Stainless Steel Injection Sample Loops 1/16" OD
   analytical injection valve type D와 praparative injection valve
   type B용으로 제작되었습니다.






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